Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's up Homey?

A little celebration is in order, I now have an interim job that starts on Monday! And get this, I am able to work from home! Yes, you heard me, from home!

You know that saying, be careful what you wish for? Well, this was one of those ideas that I had which I really didn't think they would go for. However, since they need the help and I need a job it all kind of worked out. I will be working part time, 30-35 hours per week and I also am able to take time off for interviews and such! I just need to let them know when. They are also sending me a new computer and will be paying for my additional cell phone charges.

The great thing is, they have enough work for me until at least January. So, I have plenty of time to figure out what my future holds. Who knows, maybe I will end up working in more of a long term capacity and find something locally to supplement the other part of my salary. OR maybe the roommate lead I have will pan out. Either or is fine with me.

Now I should probably tell you why. I haven't said much about this yet, but the non-profit I have mentioned in prior posts is now turning into a for-profit with a foundation. We recieved some insight from our resident non-profit guru which has really helped us understand what we need to do. (Thank you!!)

What does this mean? Well, it means that since I am working part time (did I mention it's from home?) I will have the time to build this business with my friends and help make something that was once a dream into a living, breathing reality. Oh, have I mentioned that I get to be the Art Director? :) See, the dream of one has turned into a dream of two, then three, then four. We all have our different reasons, but we also have the same vision of what this business will accomplish. And what is that, you may ask? Well........

Just like any series of mystery books, cliffhangers always keep you coming back.


Rebecca said...

I know why I haven't been reading this, I didn't put it in my google reader!

That is awesome about the temp job!!!

Amber said...

Well I hope you have added it now! :)