Monday, September 8, 2008

My mind is racing...but who wins?

Today it's been officially a week since I have been unemployed. When you are not working, you have more than enough time to think. Sometimes it is thinking about your next job and how great it is going to be. Sometimes you think about what time you need to get up in the morning and remember you don't have a job. Sometimes you think of weird ways to come up with money. Sometimes you think of the most random thing and all of a sudden you are a philosopher. With all my random thoughts, I could be the next Socrates or Plato.

My mind has been racing today with all sorts of ideas. One of the ideas I have keeps popping up in my mind like a recurring zit.

Let's think about this for a minute. How many times have you heard this question:

"Will you do me a huge favor?"

I've asked it a zillion times, I have heard it a zillion times. Now, what if there was a little bit of incentive for that favor? Would you be more inclined to do the favor? Or think of this, how much would you pay for that favor to be completed by someone else? Really, how much is that favor worth?

If I said back to you, "Sure, for twenty bucks, I'll do you a favor," would you be willing to fork over a Jackson for it? You laugh now, but if I did 8 favors a day for a week (M-F of course) I would have $800. Doesn't sound like a bad deal to me. Anyone have any favors for me?

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