Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love Saturdays!!

Now that I don't have to work them! It is so nice to wake up in the morning and start working on chores in the house. Yes, you heard me right - it is nice doing chores! Considering it takes me literally 2 days to clean this place, a few hours on a Sat morning really gets me caught up. Try vaccuming and mopping 1800 square feet and you will know what I mean!

This week has been quite eventful. Monday night, someone hit my car at some point during the night and knocked my drivers side mirror off. THANK GOODNESS she actually left a note with her name and number! WOW! Now that is some midwestern hospitality for ya! So I tried duct taping it - as you all know I am a HUGE fan of duct tape (haha) and needless to say it makes me feel a little at home. Anyone who knows the gas cap story is probably laughing. Well, it doesn't quite work that great, so I literally have to drive with my window down and holding my mirror in place. It's actually quite comical.

My dog has come down with some kind of skin allergy, which I can't figure out where it came from this time. Last time it was his food, but that hasn't changed recently so the only thing I can figure is maybe something in the back yard. So I am now back to adding fish oil omega-3 to his diet. I probably should just do this all the time. If you have an itchy dog with dry skin, you should try it. It nourishes the skin from the inside out and really makes for some soft fur. And if your dog is like mine, he will love it on his food!!

Let's see....what else this week. Oh. I backed up my kitchen sink again and of course don't listen or learn from the last time. It's the garbage disposal. Did you know you shouldn't put pasta and starchy foods in there? Hm. Wish I had known that before I dumped some leftover rice noodles in there. Oops! So I probably shouldn't have put the spinach dip in there either - the leaves get stuck to the sides of the pipes apparently. As I am reading on the internet what is not good for a garbage disposal, it makes me wonder....what can you put in there? So, after the plumber comes and fixes it, again, I am pretty much going to leave that thing alone. No food for you!

Oh, I forgot to mention the pretty much assenine thing I did while trying to fix the sink myself. I had rubber gloves on and here I am trying to use the black cap thing that blocks up the sink as a plunger. Bad idea, folks!! I was plunging away and from my hands getting wet inside the gloves (from sweat of course) I managed to scrape a pretty large piece of skin back on my middle finger. Now that hurt like a bitch. I rinsed off my hands and managed to put the skin flap back and put on some Neosporin type stuff and bandaged it up with some gauze and first aid tape. (Yea, it was gross) Needless to say, that made it pretty difficult to type this week.

Now that bandaids have become my friend, I can get back to the real world of writing, ebaying, craigslisting, resume writing, or whatever side jobs come my way. Speaking of side jobs, my landlord is reducing my rent $50 a month in exchange for cleaning the hallway and changing light bulbs. Yup, I am now a janitor too!! See, I can do anything!

PS. Some of you ladies back home should appreciate this.....the RED is back!! :)

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