Monday, September 29, 2008

What is it with skin in this household?

Now it's me! UGH! I wore this necklace the other day and completely forgot that last time I wore it I broke out in a rash. So guess what, I have a nice rash-lace to complete my outfit every day. It itches like a bitch and I have been putting benedryl on it all day. Darn sensitive skin!

It's bad enough I get "redneck" when I it's there all frickin day! Gee, I hope I get called for an interveiw!! LOL. Sorry, I am not going to make in for my interview...well, you see, I've got this rash.....

Tomorrow I have to go to the DMV and take a stupid driving test. Seriously. I hope I don't F it up too bad, I have never had to do a road test before. Well, besides when I was 16 and I really don't consider the teaching I had from ABC Driving school (or whatever it was called) any kind of test. That guy should have never let me have my license - but he did and now look. I am going to be 35 and I have no idea what the heck I am doing taking a road test. I can't even take my own car because I don't have a drivers side mirror! I need some good karma sent my way.......PLEASE!!

Oh yea, not to mention license plates here are seriously the biggest rip off I have ever heard of. $450 for a piece of metal and a sticker? I wonder if I can make payments on that? I am just so irritated that I have to throw down that kind of money. Especially when I make part time wages and have not a cent to my name!!

Oh yea, that was by choice. ;)


Rebecca said...

Seriously, $450? It's freaking NEBRASKA, not NEW YORK.

Amber said...

LOL, I should have said that when I forked over the cash. I spent a total of $439 on my license, inspection, plates and tabs. What a deal. Thank goodness my insurance is only $62 a month!!!