Tuesday, September 16, 2008


No, not the movie (which I love very much) but me! I pulled another muscle in my back at some point over the weekend and have been walking sideways for 2 days. This explains why I have not posted...plus my computer is SOOOO darn slow, I hate getting on it. My back is much better today, I took a muscle relaxer Sunday and 2 Aleve last night along with some Nuprin muscle rub (that is GREAT stuff!) and had a good night's rest!

So the work at home job went ok the first day and better today. I felt like I wasn't much help yesterday, but I am thinking it was because I was in so much pain. Likely story. Ha. It's good to have some type of income, but I am still searching for something I can do that will be rewarding to me personally.

I will say though, working in your pajamas and slippers is actually kind of cool!

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nwasso01 said...

When I worked from home the best thing I did to stay productive was to set my alarm everyday at 7:30 am, got up, showered, got dressed and got going by 9 am. Not that I didn't spend some days in the PJs, but I know my attention span. If I was in jammies everyday I would only be productive in watching Lifetime movies all day. Things happen for a reason, it sounds like things are falling into place. I am proud of you!!!!