Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A winner by default

What ever happened to good sportsmanship? Or should I say sportsladyship? This morning I played 9 holes (thankfully NOT a full 18) for the "second chance" round of a matchplay. (Yes -- this means I lost my first match). Anyhow, I openly and willingly admit I am not that great of a golfer -- but I don't take myself very seriously and try to have a good time. Most of us on the league are like this. Then there are "those ladies" that you want to avoid like the plague. I just happened to golf with one of them this morningu -- ugh.

My first clue should have been her attitude at the pro shop register -- she was short and rude to Larry and it rubbed me the wrong way. Just as some side info, my bf is the lawyer for the golf course -- loves the guys that run it and so I take it as a personal insult. Don't mess with my boys! I ask her if she wants to drive the cart (just to be courteous, mind you) and that was a mistake too. Her driving was so jerky, I thought I would get whiplash before we found hole #1.

I have the highest average on the league (NOT a good thing, but I just started so I am totally ok with this), and miss spoil sport is the second highest. You would think she'd just relax since she's basically going to win the game -- but she acted like a complete idiot the entire time. I really tried hard to make her laugh, but it just wasn't working. By hole #4, she had thrown her club on the ground after teeing off, griped about every ball she hit (or failed to hit), and jerked me around in that cart for the last time. She was moaning about her 11, and I pointed out that I had 4 of them (told you I wasn't good) and tried making a joke out of it. She didn't think it was funny and just fumed about it. That and EVERY HOLE THEREAFTER. She kept saying, "this is why they put us together" as if saying, "you are a crappy player too, and I'm bringing you down with me".

I finally took over the driving because I couldn't stand it anymore. I wasn't sorry when I accidently jerked the cart either. She lost so many balls or had them in the woods under trees, that a few times I just told her to throw one on so we could get on with the game. I seriously gave her 2 holes because I just wanted the game to be over and get the H out of there.

Finally, it was over and I couldn't get out of that cart fast enough. I told her I'd drop off the score card and see her tomorrow (our regular league play). Then she says, "That was fun. No lunch?" Fun??!! You call that fun, lady??!! No, I'm not going to eat lunch with you, you whackjob! I wonder if she saw the shock on my face? I responded with, "No, I've got an appointment with a photographer, family photos." She then says, "Real family or business?" I am not sure what she means by this, so I reply, "My boyfriend and his kids. I'll drop the card off and see you tomorrow."

Please, oh please, I hope I don't have to golf with her tomorrow. I ended up winning 2 holes and tieing 2. Honestly, I could have taken 4 -- but I couldn't take her attitude. Which reminds me I forgot to include the bit where she tells me about these lessons she's taking on Mondays that I should go to. Thanks, but no thanks. But thanks for telling me where NOT to be on Mondays.

In my mind, I won the round by default. Someone who acts like such an ass should not be the winner of anything. Life is too short to be a jerk playing golf. It's just a game.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not a thing to wear!!

I just finished trying on my dress collection (the LARGE collection of 5) and I am really not happy with any one of them right now. Too much cleave, too much black, too much shoulder. Oy vey!

I am trying to find something to wear for my dinner date on Saturday. My BF and I are taking a short road trip to Chicago for the night and we made a reservation at Spiaggia, Chicago's only four star Italian restaurant. I can't tell you how excited I am!!! 2 days after we made our reservation, Chef Tony Mantuano makes a reservation at the restaurant where I work! NOT KIDDING, folks!! It was so exciting that night -- I had the pleasure of plating his dessert -- and he had some great things to say about our place!

As I am typing, BF walks in and I tell him my dress dilemna and he admits that he's not real enthusiastic about what he has either! So, we are going to bring what we have -- but maybe do some shopping on the way down and see if we can "get lucky". I love the way he thinks!

Ok, back to Spaggia for a minute -- get this -- they have a cheese cave! Yes, you heard me correctly -- a cheese cave! They have a temperature controlled cheese cave filled with pounds of Italian cheeses!! Oh, I just can't wait!! Formaggio heaven!

I will fill you in on all the details when we get back...


Monday, July 5, 2010

I can't believe how fast this summer is moving by! The Fourth of July is come and gone -- now for the fun and busy remaining 2 months of summer!

I have been trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can these days -- school starts in less than 2 months!! I am proud to say that my knife skills are improving tremendously -- sure helps that I learned how to properly hold it! I suppose the 2 lbs of carrots I had to dice (into insanely small cubes) also had something to do with it. I feel like my carrots are like Julia Child's onions!! But, I did "such a great job" on them, I've promoted to the "official carrot dicer" or OCD as we like to call it. So fitting, so fitting. I have to admit, Lady Chef is right --I've seen the dice job from "the others" and mine are much more uniform. I am sure you are not surprised.

Last week we made a new dessert: chocolate bread pudding. 3 words: YUM, YUM, and YUM!! Even though we did hire a new girl that just "graduated" from a pastry program, Lady Chef and I are still baking the desserts. She's pretty young and has a lot to learn. Not to mention, we don't really have the time to mess around like we did in the winter. We are just too busy! I am of course excited because I love to try new things and I have become really fast at making our house dessert -- makes me feel efficient.

Today is a cook and bake day, so it will be exciting to see what adventure Lady Chef has come up with for us! I think we are due for a new fruit dessert.....mmmmmm!!!