Thursday, March 26, 2009

A quickie....

Last week I went to see a career consultant who also writes resumes professionally. I have been having some serious writers block with my resume (and apparently blogging too, lol) and I figured since I have not had a professional look at it in about 8 was about time!

I really enjoyed the meeting and what they have to offer. They do career coaching, job searches, assist with branding and marketing yourself, resume writing, etc. I totally wanted to take advantage of all of this since I am in such a state of flux. However, this service is WAY out of my price range and I had to settle for the small, but expensive, resume service. I figure I am worth it, right???

Now I have to answer some of the questions he has sent me, and now I am struggling with coming up with answers. I am not sure what the deal is, but I just do not want to end up in corporate crap in a job I don't like again. I am just having a hard time sitting down to REALLY think about those questions.

Maybe I am in some kind of time warp......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Nomadic Princess....continued

Let's see, where was I? Oh yea, somewhere in the middle of Illinois at Chili's! Ok, after lunch we headed back on the road and landed in Murfreesboro, TN on Friday night. We arrived at my friend's place where she greeted us with home made spaghetti and meatballs, wine, and of course my dad had his vodka. He deserves it after driving that truck all day!

It was nice and relaxing night. My pug played with his new friend, a one year old fox terrier/whippet mix. Very cute! He also discovered "cow cheeks" are much, much better than "pig's ears", they smell better AND better for him!! I was able to hang out with my girlfriend for a while, then headed to bed. Dad was NOT kidding when he said he wanted to hit the road early!

Last day, our final stretch to North Carolina!! We had some coffee and headed out the door at 7:30 am! At least my dad didn't make us wait to find a Starbucks before having more coffee this time! :) We stopped for lunch somewhere in Tennessee, my dad INSISTED we eat BBQ for lunch. Twist my arm, dad, twist my arm!! I really wish I could remember the name of that place, but all I remember is that it was connected to a gas station somewhere past Knoxville....

Then we continued our journey through the mountains which was beautiful. Even with the dried up wintery trees, the mountains still hold themselves up to par. In the middle of the mountains you cross over into North Carolina....which is at the point where we started calling and harassing my sister. We were like two kids, it was pretty funny. Anyway, the rest of the long afternoon was spent trekking across NC to Raleigh. Oh, did I mention that it was raining ALL DAY LONG???

We arrived in Raleigh about 7:30pm where my sister had chili and refreshments ready for us. Yay! We finally made it and I was SO glad to be out of that truck!! 24 hours of drive time over 3 days with my dad and pug in a Penske truck...... wow. And I am still sane....I think.

The next day we took the truck over to the Penske place so we could get my car disconnected. After that, we headed to the storage unit and unloaded and packed all my belongings in a 7 x 10 foot room. The place is actually pretty cool - it's all indoor drive in access. My nephew and his friend helped, so my dad took us all out to lunch at the Mello Mushroom . YUMMM. I recommend the soft pretzels (even though they take 20 min) and the white pizza.

Then we took some things back to my sisters, went to Costco, Lowes, and Petsmart. We bought some shelving, almonds, dog dishes, and I also bought one of those handy "poop bag" dispensers for the, why didn't I get one of those years ago???

Later that evening we went to 18 Seaboard where we met up with some of my friends I have not seen in a while. I had the Crab Crusted Big Rock Mahi Mahi (with tomato stewed potatoes, spinach, and a brown butter herb emulsion) . We had some laughs, wine, and dessert and then headed home.

In the morning we went to Big Ed's for breakfast which is downtown in the city market area. Since it was snowing that morning there was NO line and hardly anyone there, it was great! When it snows here, SO many things close down - it's crazy! We took Dad to the airport and then proceeded home to organize my new little nomadic space!

I have so much more to fill you in on.....but that is a wrap up of my trek across half the country with my Dad. :)

Stay tuned for more adventures of.......the Nomadic Princess! (Insert cheezy theme music here!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally some time to sit and blog!!

Ok, ok - I sit on my ass all day. But the difference now is this: I only have one monitor and don't access the internet all day except for before I start work and at lunch break. Gee, just like a regular office should be! Oh well, at least I am actually paying attention at work and getting more time billed out to customers.

SO. You have all been waiting so very patiently for an update on my nomadic adventures....ok, some of you are starting to prod me a bit, but no worries - it's a good thing!

My adventures began the minute my dad came into town. I picked him up from the airport, grabbed some lunch, worked a few hours, then went out for the BEST steak dinner I have had in a long time. Ok, nothing like Ruth's Chris or whatever that place is called, but I didn't get a filet either. We went to The Drover and I had one of their signature Whiskey Sirloins and I was actually impressed with all of the flavors I could taste. The ambiance is a little on the dungeony side, but if you want a steak with flavor you can overlook the decor.

In the morning we headed over to Penske to pick up the truck my dad rented and on the way stopped at Petrows for breakfast. Why I didn't go there sooner is beyond me. Had a yummy sausage and cheese omelette with rye toast (my fav) even though what I really wanted was biscuits and gravy (my all time fav).

Then we pass by this Two Men and A Truck place and my dad gets this big idea that even though I had my friends coming over to pack up the truck, he decides these guys can do it in less than 2 hours.

Pro: Yes, the truck was packed up in and hour and a half
Con: I totally didn't get to see everyone I wanted or for very long that day since my dad was in some kind of mad rush to get out of town. Whatever, I am still not really over that.

Anyhow, we headed to our first stop in Columbia, MO which is approximately a 5 hour drive. Well, it took us 6 1/2 which is not too bad considering we are in a 16' truck toting a car trailer. It was an emotional ride as I began to think about how I can't just pop over to Lucy's to do laundry, or the Cork with Joey or have commune dinners with John and Sheryl, or have last minute parties at my place where Jen and Jim can chop up my Christmas tree :). I will never be able to explain to anyone how close our group of friends is and how much time we actually spent with each other. I mean, seriously, we even had our own clubhouse!! Well, I tell you this - I will be returning there at LEAST every summer to visit!

We arrived at the LaQuinta in Columbia that was dog-friendly that I found for only $59 per night, what a bargain! The beds were super comfortable and the rooms were remodeled too. BONUS!! The only thing that really was bothersome was the pug. Yea, MY pug, my cute little pug. He was doing some barking at nothing and kept both of us up most of the night. That is until my dad kept saying,"Put him on my bed, see what he does." Rolling my eyes (of course it was dark and he could not see me) I finally just did it. And wouldn't you know it, that little sh*t went right to sleep!!

The next morning we headed out on the road after the FREE breakfast at the hotel. Not a full breakfast, but the kind you can at least make your own waffles. The coffee was terrible, so my dad mentions Starbucks and I am pretty much down with that. Ok, had I known my dad would not stop until he actually found one two and a half hours later....I would have had some gas station coffee. Oh wait, he wouldn't have stopped - the road trip nazi that he is!!

For lunch we stopped at a Chili's somewhere in Illinois, which is one of the few chains I will actually go to, and I had some yummy Chicken Crisper Tacos. I would have just ordered them straight up, but it was like $11!! I must say that I really truly have not eaten at chain restaurants very much in the past several years - and when I see the prices of these places it just gives me one more reason not to go.

But I digress......

And I have to go to bed, so this will be continued......

...on the next episode of........"The Nomadic Princess"