Monday, September 8, 2008

Random Updates

Just to keep you in the loop on my progress of finding work I love, I figured I would give a little progress report in the form of random updates.

In the last week I have......
  • Called my creditors alarming them of my unemployment status - surprisingly that went fairly well
  • Painted an original water color for a silent auction, which is now with the framer - yea!
  • Created a program for a fundraiser
  • Started a budget for a startup company
  • Worked on a special little project for my 'absolutely fabulous' girlfriends back home
  • Cleaned my friends kitchen (including scrubbing the countertops and cupboards) to help prepare for her family coming to town
  • Did about 5 loads of laundry
  • Cleaned out my refridgerator and freezer
  • Went out to lunch with a recruiter, setup a potential interview
  • Worked on my resume

But one thing I have NOT done is work on my book!! So, tomorrow morning after I take care of a few "real career" to-dos, I am on to finish chapter 1. It is just sitting there waiting for me and I have been ignoring that lovely creature!! Trust me, it's not for a lack of content. I have a wild imagination just waiting to be spewed out in the form of a book! Too bad I don't have "wonder twin" powers, or I would just yell:


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