Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's a Blue Moon...

Blue Moon Tuesday, anyway. So tonight, after getting home from the circus and surfing the internet for two hours (unsuccessfully searching for a legit work-from-home job), I decided to meet a couple of my friends up at our local watering hole. As you might have guessed, Blue Moon is the special on Tuesdays. You get your first one for $4 (get to keep the glass) and refills are $3. Good deals, good times. I just happened to get the last glass, ok it was a half glass, of Blue Moon - so our awesome bartender Mike informs me that our drinks are on the house, courtesy of the owner. Rock on!

Now THAT was within my budget! So I ended up using the $4 to play Keno and didn't make a dime. Last week I bet $3 and won 25 cents, so I felt lucky. But now, I am thinking being a professional gambler is out of the question. I have a horrible poker face anyway, and I think my years of cheating at Euchre in college are coming back to haunt me.

Another part of my "adventure" (as I refer to it, you may call it some kind of crisis - I say tomato you say tomaato) is going back to college for a degree in Fine Art and Photography. I have been looking into scholarships for the past few months, and I tell ya, there are scholarships for EVERYTHING! Single moms, high school students, non-traditional students, Italians, Polish, children of veterans, children of alcoholics, and I am pretty sure I saw one for children of the corn. But I certainly have not found one for "thirty-something women who have decided to give up their career in business to get an art degree to make less money". If you happen to run across such a scholarship, feel free to pass it along-I may qualify for that one!

If all else fails, there is still the dog poo job to look forward to!

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