Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello?? Anybody reading this?

Tonight was "resume" night for me. For some reason, I am having a tough time writing up my job description. Writers block on a resume, now that is odd for me. Ever since I had my resume professionally written and recieved some great tips several years ago, I have been able to write up a pretty impressive resume. I have even written some for friends or helped tweak them a bit.

I am pretty sure I know what it is though. It's the circus. How can I write something professional about that place? Wow. Let's see... I am a babysitter to several adult children, I have to watch what I say so "the mole" doesn't hear me, and I never know what direction The Loon is going to spin me on an hour by hour basis. Not to mention, along with the title of Director, I somehow have landed the much intriguing title of "Office Manager". Seriously.

I have to send out emails to everyone about taking their garbage out, no personal phone calls, don't take too long of breaks, no texting, clean out the fridge, wipe your butt, etc. I think you get the picture. Last time I checked - these things have NOTHING to do with Accounting. Not to mention I am sending these things out to grown adults. Ok, let me rethink that. These people are the biggest babies I have ever met in my entire life. I should bring in diapers and similac tomorrow. Better yet, I am going to bring some Zweiback crackers to our next food day.

If anyone has any tips for resume writers block, post them on a comment, I would be very greatful for any kind of tips! (Yes, even the witty sarcastic ones I know your just waiting to give me)

Oh yea, and about the title...... I added some Google Analytics for my Adsense, so I know how many visitors I get. :) Which reminds me, if anyone knows how to add a subscribe by email feature - I need some help with that too.

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