Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is it wrong....

To find that a job cleaning up dog poo seems more intriguing than what you are doing? I suppose it is, but the fact that I actually considered it doesn't even phase me.

I am keeping my mind open to virtually everything. It feels great to liberate yourself and realize you actually have no limitations. I have sifted through hundreds of jobs in the last two days: retail management, sales, marketing, virtual assistant, oh and yes - the lovely dog poo job.

I can't tell you how many scams I have run across in my search, now that is one thing I will not do. I am not looking to "get rich quick", I am not into pyramid companies, and NO I will not become a stripper. (Thanks for the suggestion, sis, really appreciate the compliment!)

Anyway, I actually do have to start getting ready for the circus. (I am not the bearded lady by any means, but that is the closest analogy I can come up with for my current workplace.)

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Lori H said...

I think law school and lawyer! :).