Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good News/Bad News

Is it good news comes first or bad news? I can't remember which way, but the good news is I found a really cool job I would love to apply for (it is at the local art museum) .....BUT (there is always a but) the salary is less than half of what I make now. Hm. Thinking, thinking, how could I pull that off?

I would have to get 2 roommates instead of 1...... or I could take up one of the few offers from some of my AWESOME friends who have said I could live with them. :)

See, here is the major obstacle I need to hurdle in this whole mess. I am pretty much a statistic when it comes to credit card debt. I pay a hefty amount each month on a payment program (which I have been doing for 3 yrs now) and that raises my monthly expenses quite a bit. If it were not for that "little" issue, I am thinking the salary wouldn't be that bad.

I am wondering if I write a letter to my credit card companies and tell them my plans they would dismiss my balances.....yea, probably not. But seriously, I think it would be funny if I tried that!! Who does that?

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like for you to dismiss my balance with you because I am about to cut my salary in half and go back to art school. It really would be like donating to the arts, it could even be a tax write off if you knew a creative accountant. Not to mention I have probably sold all the stuff I bought with your credit card on ebay anyway, so what do you think? Deal?

Seriously, could you imagine the laughter in the collections office the day they get that letter? It might even be worth it just to see what their reply would be.

Ok, calling it a night. My dog is giving me "the eye" that says he is ready for bed, and he rules my world these days.


Rebecca said...

Well you know what I think you should do about this. At least you have valid reasons for doing it!

nwasso01 said...

Please take the museum job. Take it from me; I make $1800 a month LESS than I used to and am back in school and have never been happier. You can make it work...a few ways I did: I called every cc company and re-negotiated every interest rate. I do have cancer (and that makes for a great jumping off point, haha) but tell them you are taking a pay cut. Trust me, they would rather have some payment than no payment!! EVERY ONE reduced my interest rate, some by over 5%!!! Also, we talked to a financial advisor. It was about $250, but he is mapping us out some options that I think are really going to help. There is always a way to make it work. You deserve happiness, trust me, we are not here that long, why be miserable somewhere that you spend over 8 hours a day?!?! DO IT!!! And, I LOVE you shoe picture on the blog. You have a gift!!