Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is insanity a true defense?

In my book it is. I am claiming I must have been insane taking this job in the first place. This morning I opened up a book that my friend Tom wrote. I bought it a few months ago at his book opening party at one of our local hot spots. He even signed the inside jacket for me. Anyway, as I am reading it, this sentance just popped out and hit me in the head:

"Insanity is defined as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results."
~Tom Becka

I have often wondered how I could have known that this place would turn out to be just a big circus with the ring leader being a giant loon? Now I am thinking, how could I have NOT known? It's the same industry, same hot-headed owner-type, and the same complaining or tattletale employees. (Ok, not all of them are, but I am just saying....) Why would this job end up any different than the last? I used to think that it might just be me, I didn't try hard enough, my heart wasn't in it, or I just wasn't cut out for this type of job.

That is truly not the case. The only thing I did wrong here is that I put too much faith in the same scenario thinking it would produce exceptional results. Instead, it proved to be much worse than the first go around.

Now I look at it this way: It's time to say goodbye to the bearded lady, the mole, the muppet, and last but not least, the loon. What is that saying about looking back at the past, but not staring? It's pretty hard not to when it's the circus, because believe me they know how to capture an audience. They just don't know how to keep them watching.

Me and my sanity are packing our bags and going on vacation tomorrow. 5 days without the circus will be a great preview to the next chapter of my life - and my book!

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