Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This will teach me

I just got back from the grocery store where I was simply just going in for toilet paper and crackers. Well, I ended up picking up a few extra items and also some items I really could have done without. I get to the checkout and swipe my bankcard and thought to myself, boy wouldn't that be funny if it was declined? Uh.... it's really not that funny when it actually happens.

So I ask the lady if I can split it up - I have two banks and two bankcards. She says yes but then can't figure out how to do it. So I tell her I would just go to the ATM machine and get the cash out. As I am walking over to the ATM/Banking area part of me wanted to just run out of that store and leave my cart there - but then I thought, hey - you NEED that toilet paper. LOL. Oh, priorities.

So then I get to the ATM and discover that between the two accounts I STILL do not have enough money, so I go the teller window and withdrawal out of my account and get a cash advance on my other bankcard. Ok, it's not really a cash advance because it's my checking account, but still. $9.74 from one account and $18.56 from the other. Yippee!

Then I walk over to the cashier who has pushed my cart aside and is waiting on another customer. Of course she has to call over the manager because she does not know how to get a suspended transaction out of the register. Then I had to ask her to take 2 things off - which just makes it WORSE. So I had her take off the Febreeze candle and the Lysol multi-purpose spray, I figured food and toilet paper was more important than my house being clean and smelling nice.

You know what the best part was? As I am grabbing my cart, I see a cart parked right next to it in the "declined" lot that had many more bags in it. I am not alone. :)

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