Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cleaning out my proverbial closet

It really is amazing that I have reached this point. Several years ago, I was quite the pack rat of sorts. (ok, not SORT OF, I really was one!) I remember one day my sister was helping me pack up my apartment so I could move everything to a storage unit. She would hold things up and say things like: why do you have THIS? Do you REALLY use this? Have you worn this in the last 2 years? Do you have to keep that?

It really helped me start realizing how much stuff I had accumulated in such a short amount of time. I remember when I was younger and I would spend hours cleaning and organizing my closet. It was always such a mess. These days, I am trying to be more of a minimalist, so the only thing I really need to spend time doing is my hobbies like painting and writing. (and of course, drinking wine) Why waste a Saturday organizing a bunch of junk?

The closer I am getting to my pack-up date, the more things I am putting in the stack to sell or give away. It feels great to lighten the load, not to mention I have made a few dollars here and there. All the money I collect for my things is going for the gas and food for my trip to NC. Which, by the way, is coming up in 41 days!! Woo hoo!!


Candice said...

What about the "steals" from the salvation army?? You can't live without the"awesome" Scrabble shirt!!!

colfin2002 said...

Good job! I love purging! Just sold an old old old set of cookware to my sis for $100! Wahoo! Free money for something that is collecting dust! Although I won't have any cookware when I move, that's not happening too soon so no biggie! Keep purging baby! It feels great!

Amber said...

Don't worry Candice, NO getting rid of second hand deals! LOL! Especially that shirt!

Amber said...

That is AWESOME, Colleen!! I am hoping someone buys my scrapbooking stuff, that could bring in some dollars!! I have been moving that stuff for 6-7 years and haven't touched it!