Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tacos, Tequila, and Trees

Last night I had an impromptu Taco Bar and Margarita party at my place. It started out with my friend Lucy and I deciding we wanted to make some nachos. Then it grew into a full fledged taco bar with all the fixings, added a few friends and some tasty (and I do mean TASTY!) margaritas.

We've been drinking a LOT of margaritas lately, I am surprised that we don't have a nickname like "Tequila Twins". Or maybe we do, but no one has said it to our face yet.

For appetizers we had chips and salsa (yummy chipotle flavor), guacamole (my newest recipe), queso dip, and also had some fresh veggies and veggie dip.

For the tacos, we made 4 lbs of ground beef with 3 types of taco seasoning and I, of course, added some extra spices and onions. It was SO good!! We made a taco bar on one of my counters with the following toppings: Spanish rice, sour cream, 2 kinds of cheese, lettuce, tomatos, onions, black olives, and jalapenos. We also had both flour and corn tortillas that we fried up ourselves and ended up with the tastiest tacos ever.

Now for the Tree reference, because you are probably wondering what that has to do with a Taco Bar party. Well, I still had my Christmas Tree up (without the ornaments of course) and I am not sure exactly what happened, but after a few of those margaritas, I thought it would be a good idea to cut the tree up and put it in the fire we had going in my fireplace. I grabbed my loppers, and trimmed away at the tree, branches flying everywhere - I think some people were kind of afraid of me at this point, but I shared some of the chopping and we have some HILARIOUS pictures!! My tree looks ridiculous right now, it is just the trunk with a bunch of stumpy branches.

Then we played a game called I Never, and if you have ever played it you know that I pretty much am drinking at every I Never phrase - lol. I hate that game. Then Lucy and I went up to my neighbors apartment and played some kind of game that was a cross between beer pong and flippy cup. It was hilarious!! Mind you, my neighbors are like 21 and probably thought we were "old" and I am sure they got a kick out of us trying to play. But I am sure they were very impressed at how fast I was slamming those beers, haha!

Good times, good times.

Off to finish cleaning up the big mess we made and get ready for Taco Bar night part two. We have enough leftover for dinner tonight, but this time we are drinking Mojitos. Watch out. LOL.

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