Saturday, November 15, 2008

We all have slip ups....

Last night I went to a party and had a few beers, no biggie. I know I probably shouldn't have indulged since it is not part of my 4 day plan, but you know what - that's life. I also ate food I shouldn't have last night either - but again, that's life. I am not going to sit here and feel bad about it, or stop my "diet" by any means. I woke up today and wanted to get right back on track, and that is what is important to me.

Today is going to be great. I have some reading to do, beads to sort, an office to clean, and a checkbook to balance. Oh, and food to eat. :) My favorite part of the day.

I also have some planning to do to - as it turns out, my "interim" job is not going to last as long as I had planned. But, it's ok, because I knew I was not going to do this forever and I am still in life's limbo. This spring I am going to take the opportunity to travel a bit and visit with friends and family. That will be an adventure in itself!

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