Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 2 - minus 1

Yea, that's right 1 big ole LB of bloat gone! Although, it might be back already - with all the water I drank today - wow!! But no salt for two days and I think I am having withdrawal symptoms!! After this 4 day thing, I might reward myself with a pringle or something.

I have only eaten 1200 calories a day for two days - its completely weird, and I am actually kind of hungry. It is split up into 4 meals a day, so at least I am never STARVING as usual. Just think - in two more days I can have 1600 calories! YAY! Oh yea, and I get to eat avacados - YUM!!! I seriously hope that is one of my meals - I would eat them every day if I could!

Another workout with The Bean Nazi today, this time I did the Pilates workout instead of the Ab workout and also did the Full Body Workout. Not too bad now that I am done, but the push-ups? I thought the lady was trying to make me pass out! Seriously, when your only workout for a year has been 12oz curls - it's hard to get used to pushing up your big ole body!!

But I'm stickin with it, my commitment-phobia is starting to disappate and I figured it can only get better from here!!


Rebecca said...

1200 calories seems kinda low!

Amber said...

It is to me!! :) It's just for 4 days, thank goodness!!