Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Miss me?

Yea, yea, yea. You don't want to hear what movie star I compare myself to, you want to hear about the trials and tribulations of my reduced income status!

So, what does a broke 35 year old girl do when she's bored? I said, broke - so none of that getting drunk stuff. Although that sounds kind of fun right now.

Well, I bought this workout thing last year after seeing it on TV. Yes, I am a sucker. BUT, I bought this thing called The Bean for like $50. It's like a pilates ball, but in the shape of a bean. When I first bought it, I was super excited and pulled it out of the box and pumped it up (comes with a handy foot pump). Well..... it just sat there, and sat there, and sat there. So, I finally deflated it and packed it away.

Something inspired me to get that thing out - yea that would be the fact that I FINALLY have a connector for my DVD player to my TV, thank you very much! I popped in the DVD and did the 7 minute AB workout and thought, "Hey this isn't that bad!" So I decided to try the 30 minute Total Body Blast, what's 23 more minutes? By about 3/4 the way through I was swearing at that dumb be-atch instructor, telling her "Shut up, you f'n bean nazi!!"

But wouldn't you know it, 3 days later I did it again - that is twice in one week!! AND I walked 2.26 miles on Sunday! WOW! My body has no idea what to do. So it's been eating really healthy and craving water like mad. Hm. Weird side effects if you ask me.

I am telling you, I am going to ENJOY stuffing my face this holiday season and not feel guilty! There are pies to be eaten, cookies to bake, and my friend Lucy's stuffing that I haven't stopped thinking about since last Thanksgiving!! It is even better than my mom's!! Oh sh*t, sorry Mom!!

Anyhow, I am still working from home these days and it's been pretty uneventful. Trust me, I am COMPLETELY welcoming it!!

Now if only I could cure my procrastination...I guess I will think about that tomorrow.

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