Friday, January 29, 2010

Culinary School!!

I started my classes the 2nd week in January, and let me tell you how excited I am! I am taking 2 classes this semester, Hospitality Today and Menu Planning. I am not taking lab classs this semester because they were already full, but it is actually turning out better for me. First of all, I think I would have been too overwhelmed - both my classes have HUGE semester projects in them! Secondly, my instructor for the Menu Planning class is Chef Lucy and she is one of the Chefs that teaches the professional cooking class. I liked her style from Day 1 and was immediately thankful that I know who I am going to pick for my instructor. YAY!

I love school. I love learning. I especially love culinary school and learning about an industry that I know nothing about. I love being able to apply what I learned earning my BBA and the school of life to my culinary classes. I am SO happy that I made the decision to do this!!

In my Hospitality class, our project is to perform a detailed evaluation a resort property. I have chosen Biltmore Estates for my resort because a) I've been there b) It has MANY amenities and offerings and c) who knows, maybe I will do my internship there! In case you didn't know, The Biltmore is America's largest privately owned home, and is still owned by the original family that built it in 1895. Did you know that Biltmore offers business courses, many of them tailored around customer service? Biltmore also has a winery, horse stables, the mansion, The Inn at Biltmore, weddings, bike trails, at least 3 restaurants, I could go on! I seriously could spend DAYS there!

The best part of this semester is my Menu Planning class. I am learning so much about the industry AND our semester project is to plan and design a restaurant! We are working with a partner on this one, which has it's good points and bad, and it is VERY detailed. We plan everything from the menu to the kitchen design to the decor to staffing. Thankfully, we only have to cost out the menu so the sky's the limit for equipment and decor! This is the best way for me to learn about the ENTIRE restaurant biz, and my little experience where I work has actually helped me tremendously.

Anyhow, school is cool and it keeps me busy. Work at the restaurant is few and far between due to the off-season, but I am going to really start focusing on my PC biz for income. There are a lot of things I want to do in my lifetime, and I know I can do it if I jump in with both feet!


Candice said...

Sounds challenging. Good luck!!! You'll do great.

alice said...

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