Monday, April 6, 2009

Yay for Monday!!

I know it sounds weird, but I was away for the weekend and have SO much to finish up in the next few weeks. This kind of feeling on a Monday is pretty rare, but I am getting excited for my trip next weekend! YAY!

I guess I am over the whole "cold feet" thing, sometimes after you think about your fears for a while you realize how silly they really are. Well, either that or they become reality. Not to mention, last night after I posted the blog I was laying in bed thinking about how maybe, just maybe that I was afraid of getting back into the rut I was in when I was living there. I hated my job and wanted to leave the industry so bad and could not stand driving an HOUR one way to work. Well, things are just a little different now. I have finally left it. I have left the self-absorbed owners who never appreciate you, underestimate your knowledge, and think that they have and know everything because they now have money.

Now THAT is a place I will never return to.

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