Thursday, April 16, 2009

Still in limbo....

I wonder why I have not had my light bulb moment yet, or if that is even the way its going to work. I still really have no clue what it is I should be doing with my career, or lack thereof. I seem to have this overwhelming problem of either starting things and not finishing them, or just talking about things and not doing them. Or just avoiding things all together.

Maybe that's it!! I can be a professional not-doer! Oh wait, there probably is not-pay for that. Ok, back to square 1.

A friend of mine has been doing some really cool stuff with goal tracking, etc. that I am really envious of! She has this little "tickers" that show her progress with specific goals. It seems to really be working for her and I think that I need to implement something like that into my life.

Yesterday I gave goal setting a try. My goal was to complete 3 questions that my resume writer sent me, there are 12 altogether. I MADE myself sit down and just do it. And you know what, I pumped out 5 of those bad boys!! It's funny because I have never had a problem talking about myself and my career, but I did not want to put down my stupid canned answers that I have had for years. It's time to be truthful for G's sake. I don't want to sit behind a desk on my ass all day and crunch numbers, create reports, and occasionally look up to give an employee kudos....which you don't have time to do because you are so busy churning things out all damn day!! UGH!!

Ok, you see my point? I am not meant for that kind of job, it angers me! I need to be with people, I need to interact, I need to create, I need to design, I need to share my creations with the world!! I want to brighten someones day, I want to put a smile on your face or make you laugh, I want you to remember that life is SO precious and you should take advantage of every minute you have on this earth!! WOW!!!

Now THAT is the kind of enthusiasm I am talking about.


Candice said...

Your posts make me smile, so I hope that counts for something. I miss you!!! You going to be in MI in July? If so we will DEFINITELY have to catch up!

colfin2002 said...

You'll figure it out. Don't be hard on yourself for *not knowing*! That's what this time is for and it will come to you! ;)