Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I love spring!

And I love that I have experienced it twice this year! I am so glad the sun is out today, it just is a great motivation to get some things checked off my list. Or to even start a list for that matter!

Yes, I am STILL working on my questions for resume guy and yesterday it just brought me to tears. I get so frustrated because some of the questions he asks me I am just getting stuck on. Most of them related to my last job, which was a total joke and waste of my time as far as I am concerned. It's hard to bring out the positives in that career move, and I am a pretty creative person. I am pretty sure I have some type of mental block. I think I am equating this resume with getting a plain, boring accounting job. I think that as much as I think outside the box, that I have trapped myself in it with this project. Lucky for me, I received some help and I think I can muster through the rest of the questions.

I also bought this cool book a few months ago called, "Life's a Bitch, then You Change Careers" which is actually pretty good so far. Well, if only I could get past chapter 1..... It's an exercise where you have to find a quiet relaxing spot. Ok, well that has not even been possible in the last few months.

So my two goals for this week:

1. Complete questions for resume guy
2. Complete exercise in Ch 1 of Life's a Bitch

Let's see if I can just get these completed so I can move on to the next step!!


colfin2002 said...

Why do you have to bring out the positives in the job? You're not applying for it again!!!

Just write what you feel. If you hated it... say so. That will help him know what you DON'T want. If it has to be on your resume, just write what your duties were.

Hopefully the resume guy understands that you're looking for something different. Ask him his thoughts on how you should word what you hated in a positive way. That should be part of his job!!! ;)

Keep it up! You're on your way to better things!

Joel said...

I have a distant cousin that got sick of the "boring accounting job" so he joined the FBI. They fight white collar crime and he gets to travel to some neat places on Uncle Sam's dime.