Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crazy busy

Even though I can't stand when people say they are "SO BUSY"....... I am just going to bite the bullet and say, well, I have been SO BUSY.

My parents came to town (my dad and stepmom) last weekend leaving on Sunday and my cousins came in on Monday and will be here until Sunday. Needless to say, I really have been busy with family. And it does not stop - my mom and grandma will be here on Wednesday!! WOW!!

Just a little update for you though, I am STILL working on the questionnaire from the career consultant and I am WAY behind on my book goals!! UGH! I think I am going to have to start making a schedule for these things, I am starting to get so behind!!

Amongst all this chaos, I am happy to report I will be heading to MI on the 17th of April!! YAY!! I am SO excited to see my girls and to see my family!!

And I have to say, I do really use a lot of !!!! ....thanks to my friend DB for pointing this out. :)

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colfin2002 said...

Looking forward to seeing you! Safe travels!