Sunday, February 15, 2009

I want my Garbage back!

Last week I mailed back a movie to Netflix, well, I thought I did anyway. I went to play a CD and sitting on top of my DVD player was the movie that I thought I mailed in. UGH! As it turns out, I inadvertently mailed my Garbage 2.0 CD instead of Failure to Launch. I could have picked a better movie to not mail back, that's for sure. Anyway, I talked to Netflix this morning and "Chris" tells me that it should be returned to me automatically because it's a music CD but he put in a "trouble ticket" anyway. Oh, and Chris also tells me that he has seen Garbage in concert - very cool. I really hope I get it back soon, because I LOVE that CD and listen to it ALL THE TIME! It has provided me a lot of inspiration as I work on my paintings. I guess I will listen to my 2nd favorite CD in the mean time (Veruca Salt - Eight Arms to Hold You).

Anyway, my business ideas are coming in like crazy and I really have to start working on these business plans. I know that I can only do one at a time, but there is nothing preventing me from at least getting the plans together so I can see what would be more profitable, and more importantly - FUN!!

Today I am going to work on updating my resume, pack a few boxes, and most importantly finish transferring all my photos from my old computer. I can't believe how many pictures one can accumulate on a computer, but then again, I love taking them. Which reminds me, I seriously need to save up money for that SLR camera I want because I have found a few photographer's assistant jobs that I would LOVE to apply for this summer as a part time gig. I also need to start playing more in Photoshop so I can teach myself how to professionally edit photos. Too bad I can't photoshop some money into my dwindling bank account, now that would be some talent!

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