Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where have I been the last year???

Hello friends! It's been far too long since we have spoken. This past year has been a wonderful whirlwind for me and I hope you can forgive my absence! I will explain everything....

Maybe you remember last year when I wrote a list of cool things I wanted to do in my life in 2011. I fortunately have managed to accomplish most of them!

1. Get married! Yes, it's #1 on my list because hey, I am marrying the love I've been waiting for my whole life! :) Check!! Yes, I was married on October 8, 2011 to my best friend who is refered to many by "J".

2. Get my dog back in shape and eating right (yea, I really mean me -- but if I bring the dog into it, it sounds much more exciting) Check!! My dog has lost almost 5 lbs (which is a lot for a pug!) and I personally have lost around the tune of 35 lbs and only have about 10 to go. I joined Weight Watchers in April of 2011 I started practicing Bikram Yoga in late October of 2011 and I LOVE it!! The both of us have much more energy than we had -- it's just been an amazing transformation!

3. Internship! I will be going on a summer internship somewhere in these United States -- probably North Carolina. Yay! :) Check!! Well, it was in actually in the fall amidst all the wedding chaos, but I actually got the job at a local farm market/bakery in August 2011. It's a seasonal position due to the nature of our climate here -- but I will be running the bakery when we re-open the market in May! YAY !!

4. Tasters Guild Dinner - my World Cuisine class helps put on the dinner that will fund scholarships for culinary students. I am also going to be applying for the scholarship! Check, check!! The Tasters Guild Dinner was an awesome experience and not only did I apply for a sholarship, I recieved one of the top two highest scholarships awarded. The other student who also won the top honor is a very talented young man who interned at Biltmore over the summer (lucky guy - one of my favorite places!).

5. Trip to LA - Hopefully this will be Memorial Day Weekend, but J and I are planning on visiting his brother so I can meet him. :) One of the few things we did not do this year due to finances, but I did meet his brother the day before our wedding! Ha!

6. Trip to San Antonio - A trip for my sis to celebrate her milestone bday w my cousins! Check!! Oh, what a fun trip we had -- so many great memories made!

7. My nephew and 2 of my cousins are starting their new lives in another state: CO, MT, and AZ!
I actually went to CO over Thanksgiving to visit my nephew -- SO much fun and I cannot wait to go back!

8. Get a job - Even though I really enjoy being a poor college student, J does not. LOL. Check!! See above! Also.... I am starting my own personal chef business featuring in-home prepared meals and private cooking lessons.

9. There are some babies in the near future for a few of my friends! MORE BABIES!! For my friends, of course!! ;)

10. ???? Whatever else comes my way!!! Wow, what DIDN'T come my way?

Now what? Well, I finished up all my culinary classes and I am wrapping my college career up with an algebra class this semester (long story, but let's just say I have learned many lessons this past year) By May, I will be done with school -- for good!

Right now I am not working full time (boo for my pocketbook!) and have plenty of time on my hands so I am focusing on writing up my business plan for the personal chef business and also polish up the business plan I wrote for my dream.... a food specialty shop! It's almost kind of scary realizing that I am back to being in the "real world" now that school is just about behind me! Yikes!

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