Thursday, January 26, 2012

What happens in my dream world, stays in my dream world

In my dream world, my seasonal job would pay me what I need to make for a year round job.  Reality, well that's just not going to happen.  Last night J and I went over some numbers and I was very disappointed when I found that my awesome baking job that I absolutely love is only going to make enough money this year to cover my expenses.  Bummer. For some reason, I was thinking with all my overtime, I would make enough to sock some away for all these lavish vacations I want to take.

I have some decisions to make that I don't want to make.  Fortunately, I am going to wait until next season to make them.  I've committed to running the bakery this summer and I don't want to go back on my word.  Plus, I think the experience will definitely be worth more on my resume than in my pocketbook.  AND, I love, love, love working for these people!!!

Some how, some way, I will have to make enough money in my direct sales biz and my personal chef biz to cover more expenses (like gas and clothing) and also put away for vacations.  I am tired of being left behind on all the cool trips and plus -- I really, really want to go on a honeymoon!!!

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