Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 is going to be awesome because...

I hereby announce that the year 2011 is going to be awesome for everyone (including you) and I will not take "no" for an answer!

After having a great holiday break, I am back in the swing of things trying to get my life in order (as we all are, lol, it's the new year!) I don't like to have resolutions, as many of you know, but I'd like to list the cool things I want to do this year and other fun stuff.

1. Get married! Yes, it's #1 on my list because hey, I am marrying the love I've been waiting for my whole life! :)

2. Get my dog back in shape and eating right (yea, I really mean me -- but if I bring the dog into it, it sounds much more exciting)

3. Internship! I will be going on a summer internship somewhere in these United States -- probably North Carolina. Yay! :)

4. Tasters Guild Dinner - my World Cuisine class helps put on the dinner that will fund scholarships for culinary students. I am also going to be applying for the scholarship!

5. Trip to LA - Hopefully this will be Memorial Day Weekend, but J and I are planning on visiting his brother so I can meet him. :)

6. Trip to San Antonio - A trip for my sis to celebrate her milestone bday w my cousins!

7. My nephew and 2 of my cousins are starting their new lives in another state: CO, MT, and AZ!

8. Get a job - Even though I really enjoy being a poor college student, J does not. LOL.

9. There are some babies in the near future for a few of my friends!

10. ???? Whatever else comes my way!!!

I also want to read more, cook more, paint more, sew more and drink more... lol. What I really meant was spend more time with my friends. :)

Here's to a fabulous new year!!



Claudia said...

This is a FABULOUS list! I love how positive you are. :) I can't wait to see pics from your wedding! 2011 is going to be a fantastic year.

Amber said...

Thanks! Positivity gets you everywhere. :)

Yes, it truly is going to be a great year!

Wedding is in October, so stay tuned!