Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Pondering My Plans

I've been knee deep in my school project for weeks and it is finally due this Friday. What I find pretty ironic is that I have an exam, project, and taxes all due in the same week. Obviously I am not in the accounting field anymore, because I am pretty sure I am the only one who has noticed. Either that, or I am the only one in class that waited until last minute to get their taxes together.

None the less, I have been moving right along with school. We only have until April 30th then a summer break for this girl. I know it's only been one semester, but this break is welcome because I will get to work full time for the first time in a year. Yes, I will be making part time wages in comparison to what I was used to, but all the hard work is going to pay off when I open my own business.

Speaking of the restaurant, I did get my schedule in the mail last week and I am really happy with it! I won't have to close the restaurant when I work nights, I am only scheduled to 9:30 and there are other employees on the schedule for close! Yahoo! I love getting good news like this, especially because I will want some kind of social life this summer!

In the fall I will be starting my lab classes for culinary school along with a safety and sanitation course. I will be sure to spare you all the details of the disgusting things found in kitchens -- I have already heard this class has many gross topics. This should be pretty hilarious considering I am somewhat of a clean freakish germophobe.

For the lab classes I have Professional Cookery and Intro to Baking. My instructor for Intro to Baking is the same one I have for Menu Planning (Chef Lucy) so I am pretty excited about that. Pro cook is Chef Shawn and I don't know his style yet -- something to look forward to. I am taking 12 credit hours, but will be in class 22 hours per week. Needless to say, it will be a busy fall, but the good news is that I will most likely finish by spring of 2012. Sounds like a plan to me.


Candice said...

Kitchen sanitation...ewww...just watching Chopped makes me never want to go out to eat again. I have seen several episodes where people cut themselves, did not put on a glove and handled food. Yuck! In every episode the chefs are sweating buckets in the food. Mmmmmmmmm...salty!

colfin said...

I can't wait to hear more restaurant stories!

Amber said...

Candice, I know what you mean -- but remember that is only TV. :)

Just remember if you ever eat where I work, that would never happen! :)