Monday, April 26, 2010

Back to baking

In two days, I will begin my summer adventure in baking along with my beloved mixer friends. At the restaurant I have two of these side by side. They are both commercial grade, of course.

Sometimes I use just one, other times I use them both at once. Either way, the sound they make together is music to my ears. Sugary sweetness, buttery smooth, or chocolate covered -- it's all yummy dessert goodness!

I am really excited to start the season fresh. The few months I have had off were a help to my schoolwork, but did nothing for my pocketbook. Even though my pay is meager now, I am going to work my hardest so that someday I can make a decent living from my cooking skills. I hope to someday teach cooking classes so I can share my knowledge too!

Speaking of sharing knowledge, I made crepes yesterday for dinner. You can read all about it on my food blog. I have no shame in admitting we ate dessert for dinner. We loved every minute of it.


colfin said...

YAY! Love the sound of my mixer too!

Actually, I burned out the motor on it when I lived in CA and had it repaired!!! LOVE that thing to pieces!

Candice said...

Feel free to pass any bakign samples along to me!