Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Homework is...inspiring?

Today it certainly is! I was doing some research for the oral part of my exam this Thursday in my hospitality class. One of our topic choices is to find a franchise we had not heard of and find 10 facts about the business. Before our written part of the exam, we talk to the class about what we learned about our chosen topic.

I ran across this website called The Franchise Mall and was clicking around trying to find something interesting to talk about and clicked on a company called Sofi's Crepes . I really only clicked on the link because I just happen to LOVE crepes. Since going to Tunisia in the fall and eating the best crepe I've ever had, it's been in the back of my mind to eat one again. Soon.

The best part about this company, and the most inspiring, is how it was started. The owner, Ann Costlow, was a former stock broker and decided to leave her 16 year career and found herself cooking on a boat called The Baltimore Pride. Check out the short video on this page to see the rest of her story.

I am sure you can see why I was so inspired! Just another sign that I have made the right choice to leave my career and start something new! I totally agree with what she says in the video about work -- and feel the exact same way about working at the restaurant.

So next time you are in Baltimore, check out Sofi's Crepes -- and have one for me too!


Crystal said...

How inspiring! Doesn't it feel great when you're pleasantly reminded that you made the right decision in your career/life? :) p.s.: I love crepes too!

colfin said...

Thanks for sharing! SO INSPIRING!!! Love it!

Next time your down, we'll go here:

Amber said...

It's a date, girl! Why am I just now finding out about this place?

Hm, it's making my mind wander too.... ;)

colfin said...

Now all we have to do is get Crystal to come meet us! :)

Crystal said...

I'm down! lol.