Thursday, June 4, 2009

Never give up. Ever.

Not even for a second. I've been taking a blog sabbatical, mainly due to the boxing match between my left and right brain. Sensibility and creativity bumping their heads competing for the next move. And folks, Righty is as strong as ever and is pulling a big TKO on Lefty!!

Since my latest project "flaked" out on me, I have been on the warpath with resume guy trying to iron out some "minor discrepancies" in my resume. He just doesn't seem to get what my goal is. I read my resume and I read: BORING IT-ACCOUNTING NERD. Big words I don't use in my regular vocabulary, objectives that are far beyond what I am looking for, and overall: OVERWHELMING.

I want my resume to read something more along these lines:

Smart, talented, self-starter with heavy experience in small business looking to transition into new media/publishing . Willing to work for free for 30 days to prove my worth.

You think I am joking, but I am dead serious. I found a cool job that I am going to apply for and I don't exactly have the experience, but thought to myself, what the hell. They could just think I was some kind of nutjob, but then again, they might enjoy the refreshing enthusiasm of someone who is looking for a meaningful, creative job. I will keep you posted on that one!

Today I have so much checked off my to-do list, I am letting myself go home an hour early. I totally wish I got paid for being me, because today I would give myself a big productivity bonus. But instead, I am going to go home and cook dinner for some friends and enjoy some bacon-wrapped filets. Surprised?

Until next time.....


Rebecca said...

I think if you include that opening line, you will definitely set yourself apart from everyone else and make them think "hmm...we need to call her for a chat!"


Candice said...

I love actually putting that line on your resume or cover letter. What have you got to lose? I think it would really tell an employer that you are serious and confident that they will see you as a valuable asset after giving you a shot!

Keep us posted.

colfin2002 said...


And remember, the resume guy doesn't have the last word... YOU DO!!!

Anonymous said...

lol! you crack me up! I wish I got paid for being me too. I clean up after four people (because my flatmates suck and I'm stuck here for another few months), am running around balancing work, uni, and trying to sort all manner of things involving BF and course enrolment/volunteer work/jobhunting/car never ends!

And I like your resume mission statement. Says a lot in so few words.