Thursday, May 7, 2009

Easier than I thought

My first few days of vacation-way-of-living are going great!

Day #1:

I took my pug for a walk down to the beach. That seemed like the perfect vacation thing to do. It was funny watching him try to walk in the sand. His paws were spread out like duck feet, and it took him a few minutes to get used to it. He wouldn't go in the water but I am fine with that because I really don't like "ode de wet dog". Ew. I only took a picture on my phone, so I don't have one to share, but I will be sure to bring my camera next time.

Day #2:

I actually did several things like I was on vacation on this day.:)

My cousin and I decided to go to Esperance for bloody marys and a late lunch. Now that is my kind of lunch!
We actually did eat lunch: I had a Proscuitto Salad, my cousin had the Esperance Salad and we split a cheese plate. Yum, yum, and YUM!! The cheese plate was out of this world! Suzanne was kind enough to ask us what kind of cheeses we liked: my taste is sharp, of course, and my cousins is creamy. We had one sharp, one creamy, and one sharp and creamy. Wow. I am still drooling.... I really wish I would have written these things down. Note to self.

We had some great conversations about book ideas, business ideas, and no lunchtime chatter would be complete without: wine, chocolate, cheese & my beloved bacon.

Now, a day with a vacation attitude would not be complete if you didn't go and enjoy the outdoors a bit. We grabbed the "hunting pug", hopped in the car with my cousins husband and headed for the woods for the legendary moral mushrooms!
First thing you need to do when hunting, is get the "sniffer" going so he can be a guide to the next patch of shrooms:

Now it was time for the big hunt and Puggie was ready to go deep in the woods to find the prized game!

He had quite an impressive day and by the end of it, he was all tuckered out..... but he found plenty of morels...or morals. You say tomAto, I say tomato.