Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ranting for miles program

I received the following email this morning from NWA WorldPerks Dining for Miles program, where you can accumulate airline miles for dining out:


From: Rewards Network Dining for Miles
Subject: Where have you been?

You must be starving!

We noticed you haven't dined out recently, so you didn't earn any WorldPerks® miles with us last month. Wouldn't some WorldPerks miles hit the spot right about now? It's the perfect time to dig back in at some great places like these.

To: Rewards Network Dining for Miles
Subject: Scraping for groceries

Really?! No, Rewards Network Dining for Miles program, I am not starving. I am broke! I am unemployed and cannot afford luxuries right now like DINING OUT. I have no home, I stay with family and friends, horrible credit, and the last thing I think about is buying myself a lavish meal so I can get "airline miles" for a trip I CANNOT AFFORD TO GO ON.

I receive a very SMALL portion of unemployment that covers only the basics in life, and not to mention, I only have 8 weeks of it left! And really, what would I do with airline points right now? I have no right to be taking a vacation! Not to mention, with the $15 A BAG FEE, I cannot afford to use your airline at this juncture of my life.

And NO, I can't charge it on my credit card because I DON'T HAVE ONE. I have screwed up my credit because I use to go on lavish vacations, perhaps flying an airline such as NWA. No.. I don't have what I call a "faulty backup plan" everyone else refers to as CREDIT CARDS.

I'll tell you what would "hit the spot". You send me a check for $50, and I will treat myself to a nice dinner out at one of the "participating restaurants in my area" so I can get rack up a few miles.

Dig back into that, Rewards Network Dining for Miles!!


Rebecca said...

Please tell me you sent that to them! (And if you didn't, I think you should, that response was classic)

Amber said...

Oh yes, it has been sent. If anything, it will make someone laugh. :)

Candice said...

How insulting! I love that you sent it to them!!

colfin said...