Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is no place for wimps

Last night BF and I were watching Chopped, after Lost was over of course, and I have to tell you I was seriously annoyed by this prick who kept flapping his mouth off. He was so cocky and annoying, we almost put it on mute to avoid hearing his whiny voice. Thankfully, he did not win -- we would have been outraged!!

The girl who won definitely deserved it, but I can't stand people who don't know when to shut up and just cook already! Cooking is not easy by any means, not everyone can pull together a great dish at a moments notice. I don't even admit being that talented, although I have become quite the Lady of "Left-Over Fusion" when it comes to creativity. Just ask my BF.

I am rounding off my 3rd month in culinary school and some of my classmates have already dropped out. This makes me wonder what the dropout rate is. With all the fanfare around Food Network, I am certain this is why enrollment is up -- what people don't realize is that being a chef isn't some fancy tv show. It is a TON of work. There are so many other aspects to the business besides knowing how to fry up a pound of bacon. Which, by the way, is one thing that I have mastered.

I have gained a lot of respect for those who have chosen the hospitality industry. I have toured at least 5 different hospitality businesses so far in my hospitality class, and each tour has opened my mind to where you can take your career after culinary school. You would be amazed at how these places operate up here. All winter they operate at a loss and depend on the summer tourist season to make it for the year.

My chosen course after certification is retail, however, one never knows where an opportunity will lead you. I won't close any doors at this point in my life -- the possibilities are endless. I just have to remember to keep my mouth shut and cook like a pro.

Speaking of pro, I am going to be working full time at the restaurant starting May 1st. I am elated to report that I will be doing ALL the dessert and mignardise making. **does a little dance** I will also be assisting at the garde manger station and also assisting Lady Chef with plating main course. It's going to be a fun and busy summer!!


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OOhh congrats! If I was in charge of making all the desserts they would most surely be half-eaten, haha. ;) I totally agree with you -- people don't realize how much work goes into being a great chef. Food Network makes it look so easy. When I have the money I really, really want to take a cooking class just to try it. :)

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This is going to be an amazing summer for you!!!!

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Thanks ladies!

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Wow, good for you!!

BTW, I love Chopped and you are so right about that episode.