Monday, October 13, 2008

Road trippin and random blabber

This weekend I went on a little, ok LONG, road trip to Chicago 'burbs with my friend Lucy. The both of us had different destinations, but driving together saved some money and little sanity. And provided some pretty good humor along the way.

I had a great time over the weekend visiting with a group of friends I hadn't seen in a while. It was just one of those overall I-am-so-excited-to-see-you-so-lets-get-drunk-oh-wait-you-can't-your-pregnant-ok-the-rest-of-us-will weekend!! Good times, good times. I even managed to conjure up a "photo shoot" with my girlfriends to practice my skills. I will never look at a banana the same way again!!! (You totally had to be there to get that)

And now for the random blabber.....

If you haven't played 'keep away' with a pug - I highly recommend it. Dogs can be so entertaining, I seriously don't know why everyone doesn't have one.

Do you really know what Sweetest Day is? Ever since I found out May Day is some kind of pagan holiday, I am in the habit of looking up the TRUE meanings of these days. So, Sweetest Day is actually a candy manufactured holiday - not a 'hallmark' holiday. But, Hallmark has indeed made a huge mark on getting the holiday put on calendars. Of course, as we all know, there is a card for EVERY occasion. I have come up with a few manufactured holidays and card greetings I think need to be added to the list:

Bowel Movement Day - "Congrats on taking that dump - you've been constipated way too long and I am tired of hearing about it."

Toe Nail Clipping Day - "You finally cut those talons, yah!"

Dog Bath Day - "Well, it's about time!! Your dog smelled like shit!"

Run Out of Gas Day - "Sorry to hear you are having trouble keeping up with the high cost of gas. Oh, your company pays for your gas? Nevermind. I will take back the $50 I was going to put in this card."

Made it to Work on Time Day - "You lazy piece of shit, now it wasn't that hard, was it?"

Perfect Day at Work Day - "Glad to hear you finally quit that miserable job!!"

Hangover Day - "At this rate, I ought to buy you stock in Hallmark. What, is this the fourteenth card I bought you this month? And it's only the 13th, you brutal sot!!"

If you think of any fun days that need holidays, let me know and I will come up with a snazzy card and add it to the list!

Have a great sweetest day, and remember to buy your friends lots of candy - especially those on diets.

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